Mental Health Tutoring From Sixth Formers

12th June 2018

Sixth formers at Victoria College have been tutoring younger students about mental health issues and wellbeing.

Their ‘Peer Educators’ programme sees A-Level students teach Year 7 students to remove the stigma and tackling myths surrounding mental health, as well as learning new skills for self-care.

The programme started last year when some of the older students were given training by the Mental Health Foundation.

It continued this year, with staff from Victoria College giving the A-Level students some initial training, before letting them pass on what they’ve learned to younger pupils.

Teacher Tom Fallon, who leads the school’s mental health programmes, says it follows research that shows students learn more from other young people than they do from adults:

“Younger students are especially receptive to learning from their peers, so this is a very effective way of getting important and difficult messages across. Hearing something from an older person you look up to can have a greater impact.”

He hopes the scheme will continue for years to come:

“It’s all about starting conversations about mental health and wellbeing across the school. It’s especially important in an all-boy environment and helps us develop a supporting, caring culture. I’m hoping that these Year 7 students will become Peer Educators themselves in time.”

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