Measles Holiday Warning

10th July 2018


Parents whose children have not had the measles vaccine are being warned of outbreaks of the disease across England and Europe.

Italy and Romania are the worst affect countries, both with more than 5,000 cases of measles last year. In Italy there have been 48 deaths since 2016.

Greece and France also have high numbers. In all those countries take up of the two dose MMR vaccine has dropped to between 83 and 76%.

Outbreaks of measles are also occurring across England, with 587 confirmed cases between January and June.

In Jersey, 95% of children have their first MMR dose by age 2, and 92% have had both doses by age 5. There have been no more than five cases of the disease in the past decade.

Medical Officer of Helath says parents heading on holiday with un-immunised children are strongly advised to have the MMR vaccine.

“Measles is a very infectious illness; it only needs brief proximity to one case of measles for infection to be very likely. Measles sometimes leads to serious complications and it can be fatal in very rare cases.”

GPs will be offering the MMR vaccine to any young patient who has not had it.

Any parent whose child has not received two doses of MMR vaccine can contact their GP surgery or telephone the Immunisation Nurse Specialist on 445790 or 07797 827391 to arrange vaccination. Young adults in their twenties or early 30s, who missed out on MMR vaccine in the past, can contact their GP practice to get caught up.

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