Meal To Mark Militia’s Deployment

23rd October 2015

A meal is being held in memory of the 6292 Jerseymen who fought in the First World War.

It is to mark 100 years since Major Stocker deployed to France with 226 men of the Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey under command, to serve alongside 7 Battalion Royal Irish Rifles.

The ‘Stocker Dinner’ – which will be attended by Lieutentant Governor Sir John McColl – is taking place at the Officers’ Mess at the Barracks at Mount Bingham.

Up to 100 guests have been invited.

Captain Vince Maher says it is part of a nationwide initiative called Operation Reflect – commemorate historical events with regimental links.

862 Jerseymen were killed in action or died of wounds sustained in WW1.

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