Lewis Resigns As PAC Chairman

13th September 2017

Deputy Andrew Lewis

Deputy Andrew Lewis has permanently resigned as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
The former Home Affairs Minister – who had “temporarily stepped aside” from his role – yesterday lost a Vote of Censure.
He has subsequently written to the Bailiff, and in the letter, he has formally offered his resignation from the PAC.
Even before yesterday’s vote, the Committee – which is tasked with ensuring taxpayers’ money is being used for the purpose it is intended – had been facing an uncertain future.
Less than a month ago, it had seven members.
But this morning just three remained, after Constable Simon Crowcroft and Deputy Judy Martin quit when Deputy Lewis was last month found to have breached the States Members’ Code of Conduct.
One of the PAC’s three lay members also left.
It meant Constable Chris Taylor was the only remaining Committee member who is also a politician.
He had told Channel 103 he would resign if Deputy Lewis lost yesterday’s censure vote.
But at the end of today’s States sitting, Constable Taylor suggested an update was imminent.
He said: “I’m the only political person on PAC at the present time.
“I’ve spoken to Deputy Lewis of St Helier, who has stood aside for the time-being, pending yesterday’s debate.
“There is a letter that is currently being written to the Bailiff which will clarify the position in due course.”
Deputy Lewis’ resignation means that the Public Accounts Committee has now fallen.
States Members will now be asked to put themselves forward for the role of PAC Chairman.
Whoever is elected will then choose their own Committee members.

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