JSPCA Boss ‘No Longer Employed’

22nd November 2017
The JSPCA has confirmed Major Stephen Coleman is no longer its chief executive as police have been asked to investigate ‘financial matters’.
In the summer, it was reported Mr. Coleman was on leave of absence from his position as Chief Executive at the Animals’ Shelter amid claims of financial irregularities.
Today the JSPCA’s President Charles Gruchy has issued a short statement saying Mr. Coleman is no longer employed by the charity.
It says following an audit, the matter has been referred to the police.
He says there’ll be no further comment so as not to prejudice the force’s enquiries.
The charity’s statement reads:
“Stephen Coleman is no longer employed by the JSPCA.
The Committee has engaged external professionals to undertake a review of certain financial matters, as a consequence of which certain issues have been referred to the police for investigation. The Committee has no desire to prejudice that investigation and so will make no further comment at this time.”

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