Jersey Vs Guernsey In Battle Of The Brains

23rd November 2017
Local students are going head-to-head against their Guernsey counterparts in a battle of the brains.
The De Putron Challenge grand finals are taking place at the Grand Hotel in St Helier.
St Mary’s Year 6 class, De La Salle’s Year 8s, and sixth formers from Victoria College won the local rounds of the challenge, and are now going on to represent the island in the University Challenge-style quiz.
You can follow the three finals throughout the day, starting at 11am on the De Putron Challenge’s Facebook page.
Start Time  Jersey Team  Guernsey Team Winner
Primary School
(Year 6)
11:00 St Mary’s Primary School Elizabeth College Junior School  Elizabeth College Y6
Secondary School
(Year 8)
12:00 De La Salle College Elizabeth College  De La Salle College Y8
Post-16 13:30 Victoria College Elizabeth College  Elizabeth College VI
In the end Guernsey’s Elizabeth College won two of the competitions, but De La Salle College’s Year 8s won their competition.
Project Sponsor had some words of encouragement for all the participants at the conclusion of the Post-16 competition:
“You’re absolutely fabulous, each and every one of you, and as teams you’re the best we’ve ever had! There is no doubt that you guys have got fabulous futures ahead of you wherever you decide to go, so lets hope its to take some serious role in these wonderful Channel Islands!”

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