Jersey Sport Takes Over Travel Grants

23rd November 2017
The way travel grants are given out for local sports competitors is changing.
Jersey Sport is taking over the scheme from the Advisory Council for Sport.
£125,000 is available to clubs and associations next year, and workshops are being run next month to explain how to bid for the cash.
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Jersey Sport, the island’s sport development body will now manage the Travel Grants scheme for the States of Jersey.

Jersey Sport hopes changes being made will make it easier for anyone with sporting ambitions to compete off-island.
CEO Catriona McAllister says among the changes, competitors taking part in inter-insular sporting events will be eligible for the grant for the first time.
Steve Law, who is on the panel that decide which groups are awarded funding said:
“This is a great opportunity to review the qualification criteria and application process, and link more closely to the overall strategic aims and of Jersey Sport, and at the same time support sports to achieve higher and more uniform standards of governance.”
Workshops for sports associations and clubs are being held at the St Paul’s Centre in St Helier on Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th December.
Those wanting to attend should register at

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