Jersey Sport Campaign ‘Surpassed Expectations’

15th May 2018

Credit: Jersey Sport.

Jersey’s #VoteForSport campaign has been backed by nearly 1,000 people so far.
900 islanders have signed their names online, dozens have donned T-shirts to show their support and more than 40 candidates have pledged to prioritise active living if elected.
Jersey Sport CEO Catriona McAllister says she’s confident the island’s next government will keep to their word.
“My overwhelming sense was that the candidates do understand the role that sport and active living plays.
“It’s opened the door for the discussions we’ve had and once they’re all settled into their new roles, those who are elected then we want to further that work and build that understanding.”
Commonwealth Games gold-medalist Serena Guthrie, who grew up in Jersey, has also backed the drive.
Pledges can still be left on the Jersey Sport website ahead of polling day tomorrow.
Mrs McAllister says she is surprised by the level of backing.
“We know that traditionally the turnout isn’t high in Jersey and we did wonder how many (pledges) we’d get to. The fact that we’ve got so many shows that people care about investment in sport and active living.
“It’s clear from the work we’ve done that people believe that sport and active living should be given a higher priority by government.”
Jersey Sport chairman Phil Austin says the campaign has proven to be a huge success.
“We’ve very much fulfilled our remit with this campaign, making sure the aspiring politicians understand the vast importance of sport and active living to island life.
“Clearly it’s on the political agenda, now we hope the new assembly will be bold in their decisions around facilities, health services and importantly commit to investment.”

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