Jersey Sex Offenders Figures Released

13th April 2018

Image Credit: States of Jersey Police

130 people are on the sex offenders register in Jersey, an annual report has found.
85 are being managed in the community, 29 are in custody and 16 are residing outside of the island.
The results were compiled by the Jersey Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements Programme, a group that aims to protect islanders by reducing the offending behaviour of sexual and violent criminals.
28 new offenders were placed on the register last year, with five ‘de-registered’.
The report says although it’s a significant rise from previous years, there continues to be a net increase that need to be managed.
Of 63 people under the programme, six re-offended in 2017.
Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull says this shows the process is having a positive impact.
“Each subject is managed based on their offending behaviour and risk. This however, is not an infallible science and we continue to give training and advice to all agencies involved in the process.
“In essence the goal for all agencies as part of this partnership is to manage these offenders supporting them within the community but offenders have to take personal responsibility for their behaviour and conduct.”

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