Jersey Set To Hit 32°C

19th June 2017
Jersey’s heatwave is continuing, with the temperature expected to reach 30°C today.
The island enjoyed a high of 27.4 degrees for Father’s Day.
It is due to get hotter as the week goes on, with a maximum of 32°C predicted for Wednesday.
It will cool down a little for next weekend, when temperatures are expected to return to 22 degrees.
Islanders are being advised to take care on the hot weather – by wearing suncream, drinking plenty of water, keeping out of the midday sun and making sure babies, the elderly and pets keep cool.
Public Health has issued the following advice
*Shut windows, pull down the shades or keep the curtains closed to keep your rooms as cool as possible. If it’s safe, open them for ventilation when it is cooler;
*Avoid overheating – stay out of the sun and, if you’re vulnerable to the effects of heat, don’t go outside during the hottest part of the day;
*Have cool baths or showers, and splash yourself with cool water;
*Drink cold drinks regularly, such as water and fruit juice. Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol;
*Identify the coolest room in the house so you know where to go to keep cool;
* Wear loose, cool clothing;
* Check up on friends, relatives and neighbours who may be less able to look after themselves;
*  Take steps to ensure protection from the sun through the use of sunscreen and hats – such measures are especially important for babies and young children;
* Be aware that extreme levels of heat can develop in cars and other confined spaces, and avoid leaving children in cars, even for very short periods. This advice also applies to pets.


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