Jersey Police To Undergo Inspection

13th March 2018
Inspectors from the UK will visit Jersey Police later this year, ten years since Her Majesty’s Inspectorate last came to the island.
The findings will help influence the Jersey Police Authority’s future plans for policing in the island.

Image Credit: States of Jersey Police

 JPA Chairman Jason Lane says the inspectorate regularly visits forces in the UK.
“Although the States Police have been subject to evaluations by neighbouring forces, it’s very important that the States Police get a full inspection by a nationally accredited body like the HIMC so that’s what’s going to happen later this year.”
Other reviews have taken place since 2008, which have included assessing the SoJP provisions for counter-terrorism, managing sex offenders, how the police work with children involved in domestic abuse and the conduct of investigations.
Dr Lane says just like the other inspections, it will be business as usual for the force:
“I would really expect the States Police to carry on working in the way that they do every day of the week. We want the inspection team to look at the police as they would normally, not some sort of special occasion. It needs to be what they do day in and day out.”
The JPA will release a report of the findings and recommendations once the inspection is completed.

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