Investigator Denies Police Corruption

22nd October 2015

A former investigator in Jersey has denied there was any form of police corruption connected with investigations into Child Abuse.

Brian Carter – who worked on Operation Rectangle – has been giving evidence to the Care Inquiry.

Responding to criticisms about the lack of prosecutions in the Historical Abuse Enquiry, Mr Carter said the legal process was transparent, and that with so many people involved there was no room for a cover up.

He said he saw no evidence to justify lead officer Lenny Harper’s belief that many senior police officers were untrustworthy or that people in authority in the States were responsible for covering up child abuse.

Another former officer Emma Coxshall told the hearing that in some cases Children’s Services had ignored signs of neglect, and recalled one where children were not removed from a violent home because there was no where for them to go.

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