Inquest Resumes Into Clinton’s Death

30th November 2017

Clinton Pringle died in June last year

The inquest is resuming this morning into the death of Clinton Pringle.
The three year old was struck and killed by a van on Tunnell Street whilst he was on holiday in the island last summer.
He had been approaching the entrance to the Millennium Town Park.
39 year old Rebekah Le Gal got a suspended sentence for causing death by careless driving.
She was cleared at trial of the more serious offence of causing death by dangerous driving.
Dad Michael has questioned why Mrs Le Gal hasn’t been called to evidence:
“(We have been told) the focus of the inquest would be on the road space, because the driver had been adequately covered during the criminal proceedings and the inquest could not contradict the outcome of the criminal proceedings, which is fair enough. But we still thought that if you are going to look at his death and how to prevent it then surely the driver is key.”
Michael is also disappointed that the inquest will not be examining all the issues relating to the road design.
“We’ve been told in a letter back from the Deputy Viscount that the safety audit review won’t be considered. The scope is to be forward-looking rather than retrospective. But we think if you are looking to prevent similar tragedies in the future then surely you should look at everything surrounding Clinton’s death.”
He says it is tantamount to a ‘box-ticking exercise’.
The Pringle family has been campaigning for the end of so-called ‘Shared Space’ road layouts, like the one at the end of Tunnell Street.
He has taken a petition to Downing Street.


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