Independent Lifeboat Meeting Tonight

28th November 2017

Image Credit: St Helier Lifeboat Crew

The former St Helier lifeboat crew are holding a meeting at the town hall tonight.
Islanders are being invited to find out more about the independent lifeboat proposed by former coxswain Andy Hibbs.
A committee has been setup to investigate setting up an Independent Jersey Lifeboat Service.
They say they’re in the process of establishing a charity to raise funds for the proposed service.
Deputy Steve Luce, who is the Minister representing the States in the dispute between the former St Helier crew and the RNLI has said he won’t be attending the meetings as to remain impartial.
“I am not backing one horse, against another. What I am doing is talking to both sides. I have with the Institution. I have met with the ex crew. In both cases I have said if there’s any support I can give you I will do that because all I want is to have lifeboats back in St Helier just as quickly as I can.”
Meanwhile the RNLI says 12 people have volunteered to form a new crew for a RNLI-affiliated St Helier station.
The meeting will take place at the Town Hall tonight at 7pm.

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