Hut On Les Minquiers Sold

22nd August 2018

One of just 20 small huts on the Minquiers has been sold.

The rare transaction passed through Jersey’s Royal Court last Friday.

It’s believed only three of the small granite properties on the reef have officially changed hands in the past two decades.

The protected area is officially in the parish of Grouville and lies 12 nautical miles south of Jersey.

It is the most southerly point in the British Isles.

Advocate James Lawrence and Michael Falle, Senior Conveyancer from Viberts law firm made a site visit to the Maitresse Ile earlier this month to check boundaries (pictured)

“Ordinarily, these beautiful huts are passed through families from generation to the next, so the fact that one was subject to a transaction is rare.” – Advocate Lawrence.

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