Hospital Build ‘Not A Safety Risk’

5th December 2017
Roads won’t be made more dangerous by building Jersey’s new hospital on the current site.
That is the conclusion of a report commissioned into the effects of the work.
There has been concern from people living and working around the hospital site about the re-routing of traffic.
A Health Impact Assessment says there will be no adverse effects for road safety.
The Health department says the review – by leading specialists Ove Arup & Partners – also provides reassurance that potential health impacts of the construction ‘are being adequately addressed’.
It says they are endorsing the measures proposed by the project team to safeguard air quality.
The 120 page report includes recommendations for limiting noise, dust and disruption.
They include
*using pre-fabrication and off-site building methods where possible
*segregating site access routes from pedestrian/hospital access routes
*appropriate signage, a regular newsletter, leaflet drops and website posts – and a telephone hotline for reporting incidents
*speed and width restrictions on Lewis Street and improvements to pedestrian facilities on Patriotic Place
*changes to how patients, visitors and staff access the existing hospital

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