Guernsey Debates Assisted Dying

16th May 2018
Guernsey’s States is debating assisted dying.
The Assembly will decide whether to continue paving the way for it to be legalised in the island.
Senior politicians have watered-down their proposals amid public concern.
The discussions have divided the community and attracted high-profile supporters and objectors, and national media attention.
Assisted dying campaigner Sarah Griffith says terminally ill people should have the right to choose how they end their life.
“For me, it is very simple. If somebody has got a terminal diagnosis- the doctor says they have got six months to live – I’d have thought most people would not be against people having that decision for themselves so they can die at home, with their family around them, maybe with their pets there.”
Guernsey’s 40 deputies will debate the issue over the next two days.
Chief Minister Gavin St Pier will open the debate.  He believes whichever way the vote goes its only a matter of time before assisted dying becomes law in future.
“Clearly my preference is that we as a community should be choosing to move earlier rather than later. But if that is not the will of our parliament so be it, but I think the change is one that will come in the fullness of time in any event.”

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