Why Did The Goose Cross The Road?

12th October 2017
It’s a question which has bewildered humans for generations.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
While we are no closer to knowing the answer to that important query, anyone interested in learning why the goose was eager to get to the other side is advised to head to St Aubin today.
There, you may well come across this feathered fowl, which was snapped this morning as it worked on its impression of the Beatles in their Abbey Road album cover.

If you are in the area, and you get a chance to ask the groovy goose why they felt the need to cross the road, we would love to know the answer to this timeless question once and for all.
Please also pass on Channel 103’s congratulations for the correct use of a zebra crossing.
Elsewhere on the States of Jersey Police Twitter account, islanders may have spotted this video:

It comes after the force was nominated for a gong at the national Police Twitter Awards.
The contest aims to recognise the role of social media in building relationships between Police officers and the communities they serve.

Last week, Jersey Police were handed the ‘Best Use of Social Media’ prize at the Sure Customer Service Awards.

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