Give In Your Guns

13th November 2017
Islanders have two weeks from today to give up any unwanted or unlicensed guns or ammunition to police.
Jersey is joining the UK in a firearms surrender, codenamed ‘Operation Aztec’.
The force says handing them over will not lead to prosecution – providing they have not been used to commit any offences.
Chief Inspector Chris Beechey says the amnesty is to make sure weapons don’t get into the wrong hands:
“If in the past, you have not been sure what to do about the weapon, this is your opportunity to contact us. We will come round at your convenience, take it off your hands, and we won’t ask any questions. This is about removing those items from circulation.”
Anyone wanting to surrender firearms or ammunition should call 612612.
The surrender initiative is being led by the National Ballistics Intelligence Service. It runs from 13th-26th November, and the results will be shared with NABIS.
At the last amnesty in 2014, more than 6,000 items were handed to UK police – including handguns, rifles, shotguns, antique guns and imitation firearms.

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