Gas BBQ Sets Fire

23rd July 2018

Fire crews were called out to extinguish a gas barbecue that caught fire yesterday in St Ouen.

It’s after a hose connecting the BBQ to the cylinder valve was loose.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a high pressure hose to dampen the blaze.

The fire had spread to a nearby plastic water butt and also caused heat damage to the plastic guttering and facia board of the property.

Watch Commander Andy Gallie is urging people who use Gas BBQ’s to be extra vigilant.

“Tighten all hexagonal nut fittings with a spanner, hand wheel fittings may be tightened up by hand, and check all connections using a solution of soap water with the gas cylinder valve open. Once applied, any bubbles forming around the fittings would indicate a leak and potential risk of fire or explosion.

“Carry out this check regularly throughout the season and once finished cooking remember to close down the cylinder valve before the grill controls to purge any gas pressure within the hose.”

No-one suffered any injuries.

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