Fourth Firm To Bid For Ferry Service

10th October 2017
A fourth firm has expressed an interest in running a new inter islands ferry service.
The BachmannHR Group says it wants to operate between Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney.
The Guernsey-based marine business says it’s excited by “the opportunity to connect our neighbouring islands to provide a professional, reliable and cost effect ferry service”.
It says it would look forward to working with its many partners to achieve that goal.
Nick Saul, CEO of the Guernsey-based marine business BachmannHR Group says “My company has been involved in the marine industry for many years, providing crew, advice and expertise to many of the world’s leading shipping companies.
Only last year we were contacted by the States of Guernsey to provide assistance and solutions when Condor Liberation was restricted from operating due to regulatory issues.
Within our organisation we have a number of former ferry industry professionals with over 90 years combined experience. I alone have worked in the ferry sector for over 12 years most recently running the ferry services from the mainland to the Orkney and Shetland Isles.
Today our services are supplied to a number of ferry operators which include a major cross channel ferry company and one of the largest freight ferry operators in Europe.”
Bachmann’s join Condor, Manche Ile and Bumblebee Marine in bidding for the States of Guernsey and States of Jersey subsidised day trips.
Bumblebee Marine is running its own online poll ( asking passengers what they would want from a potential new service.
Director Chris Meinke says they want to tailor their offering to the needs of the community. The survey includes questions on frequency, fares and ferry-types.

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