First Tower Supermarket To Remain Open

14th September 2018

The Checkers store at First Tower will be allowed to stay open.

SandpiperCI had planned on closing it because of competition laws, after the group bought out the island’s Costcutter shops in April 2017.

The First Tower Community Association had been vocal in campaigning to allow the store to remain open:

“We believe that very few people who use Checkers at First Tower would ever use Costcutter at Millbrook and very few people who shop at Costcutter would use Checkers at First Tower. They are just too far apart and people will obviously use the shops that are closest to them.” 

SandpiperCI had submitted plans to convert the shop into flats when it was thought the store’s closure would be a condition of taking over its rival Costcutter.

CICRA’s Director, Sarah Livestro, appreciates that it took time to arrive at a decision but believes it is the right one:

“We have listened very carefully to what residents have told us and we believe it is in the best interests of the First Tower community to release Sandpiper from their commitment to sell Checkers Xpress, and to keep this store open. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our consultation, which was a necessary part of the process in reaching our final decision.”

SandpiperCI says it’s pleased that CICRA agrees there is a need for both the Millbrook and First Tower stores to remain open, and they’ll be able to continue serving local residents.

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