‘Feeling Happy Is A Global Human Right’

20th March 2017

“Feeling happy is a global human right.”

– Justine Taylor, Inner Space Jersey

unnamedIslanders are being urged to focus on their well-being, as the world marks ‘Happiness Day’.

The international occasion – which was created by the United Nations – stems from the idea that success should not just be measured by financial gains, but by how content people are.

Justine Taylor from Inner Space Jersey says you can take control of your own happiness.

“Feeling happy is a global human right,” she says.

“It’s important that people have an awareness of positive emotion.

“A lot of people think that happiness is an external thing – something that they’re provided with, or they’re given, or they go out and search for and look for – but longer lasting happiness comes from an internal sense of happiness, which is created, mostly by habit.”

Justine says you can make yourself happy by prioritising your time and activities based on the answers to these questions:

What makes you happy?

What do you enjoy doing?

Who are the people you enjoy spending time with?

She continues: “People can make themselves happy by focusing on all the good things that are around them.

“The more you focus on the positive, the more you notice the good stuff around you, rather than focusing on things that aren’t so great.”

Justine will be running a free happiness class at the Jersey Library, starting at 16:00.

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