Eyecan ‘Walk In My Shoes’ Returns

17th June 2018

Today, islanders are ‘walking in the shoes’ of people suffering from sight loss.

EYECAN’s annual seafront walk is taking place this morning.

Participants buddy up, with one person wearing special glasses that simulate the effect of tunnel vision and the other guiding them.

Image credit: Eyecan.

The event aims to raise awareness of sight loss, and how difficult it is for people to live day-to-day with sight loss.

‘Walk in my Shoes’ was founded by Glen Robertson, an islander who had diabetic retinopath and worked with EYECAN before he died in 2016.

How normal vision compares to Macular Degeneration or Retinitis Pigmentosa.
Image Credit: Eyecan/Channel 103.

Jane Vincent from the Charity reminds us why the event is so important:

“Sight loss can make things as simple as walking along a level pavement or pathway very difficult. The whole thing of the walk is about raising awareness of the conditions, as well as what we do at EYECAN to support people in the island who have these conditions.”

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