Euan (8) Is Jersey’s Young Star 2015

12th October 2015

A disabled eight year boy who has endured endless surgery since birth is Jersey’s Young Star of the Year.

Euan McCarthy has won £5,000 in travel vouchers for a family holiday.

Euan – who was born with no left foot, a clubbed right foot and 2 fingers on his left hand – also won Young Star Courage at the Variety awards.

At a Star Wars-themed ceremony, eight year old Julia Ford got the Carer prise for looking after her mum, who has cancer.

A special award was presented to 11 year olds Brandon Moignard and Seth Fernandes for rescuing their friend from almost drowning.

They were among 20 youngsters rewarded for their achievements.

Young Star of Courage:
Winner: Euan McCarthy, age 8
Finalist: Matthew Kirkland, age 15

Young Star of Community:
Joint Winners: Alice Millen-Swainston, age 13 and Tom Hughes, age 14
Finalists: Bella Smith, age 8 and Georgena Pizuira, age 16

Young Star as Carer:
Winner: Julia Ford, age 8
Finalists: Milo Baudains, age 8 and Nicole Gueguen, age 9

Young Star of Sports:
Winner: Bryony-Jasmine Ludlow, age 10 (achievements in gymnastics)
Finalists: Elisha Stott, age 10 and Raquel Goncalves, age 11

Young Academic Star:
Winner: Caleb Owens, age 12
Finalists: Isobel Kelly, age 16 and Fern Moolasiwa, age 14

Young Star of the Arts:
Winner: Emma Preisig, age 16 (for success in a national cooking competition)
Finalists: Sara Strudwick, age 16 and Lucy O’Connor, age 16.

Special Award for Young Star of Bravery:
Joint Winners: Brandon Moignard and Seth Fernandes, age 11

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