Durrell Becomes First Registered Charity

12th September 2018

Durrell has become the first charity to be registered under Jersey’s new Charities Law.

Since it took effect in May, more than 200 organisations have submitted applications to the island’s new Charity Commissioner.

John Mills CBE and Dr Lesley Dickie. Image Credit: Durrell.

The wildlife charity is the first to receive official approval, as it’s CEO, Dr Leslie Dickie explains:

“It is a huge honour for Durrell to be recognized as the first registered charity in Jersey. This island has been Durrell’s home for nearly sixty years and this recognition of our charitable work allows us to continue our vital mission of saving species from extinction. I would also like to thank all our visitors, members, donors and supporters who believe in our vision for creating a wilder, healthier more colourful world.”

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