Dog Owners Told To ‘Take More Responsibility’

23rd November 2017
A local farmer who lost several rare sheep after they were chased towards cliffs by dogs says owners need to take more responsibility for their pets.
Aaron Le Couteur had to call the Fire Service to rescue his flock after they became stuck on the Greve De Lecq cliffside.

Photo Credit: Jersey Fire & Rescue.

Speaking to Channel 103, he says dog owners need to be aware of the impact their pets can have:
“Even if their dog is loose and just chasing rather than causing injuries through biting or clawing, the impact can still be tragic.”
“As an island, we need to be aware problems in this area are increasing. It’s up to all of us dog owners to take more responsibility and understand that that’s tied to the privilege of owning a dog.”
Mr. Le Couteur also said he’s extremely grateful for the help of the emergency crew from Jersey Fire and Rescue who came to his aid:
“The rescue crew came out on Sunday afternoon and assessed the situation. We had a look at what we were doing and they worked flat-out all afternoon. We managed to rescue one that afternoon but we were losing light, so they came back out the following morning and managed to get six of the eight back up to safety.”
“We have so much gratitude to the Fire Service. I want to give them my sincere thanks for a debt that can probably never be repaid.”
The Manx sheep were brought over to the island in 2009 as part of a conservation grazing project, playing an important role in sustaining the landscape’s natural vegetation.
Six of the eight sheep were brought back to safety, and are now recuperating in St Martin.

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