Does it Sit Right With You?

27th November 2017
We are being challenged to think about unhealthy relationships, and ask ‘does that sit right with you?
‘Sitting Right with you’ is a major new police campaign raising awareness of domestic abuse and reaching out to those affected by it.
An average of three cases of domestic violence are reported to Jersey Police everyday.
Officers responded to nearly 1,000 incidents last year – which accounts for 12% of all crimes.
The force says that although domestic incidents have decreased by 8%, there has been an 11% rise in the most serious ‘high risk’ cases.
A yellow sofa will be in the town centre this week with officers and support charities giving advice about local services.
Detective Inspector Craig Jackson says we shouldn’t underestimate the scale of the problem.
“Domestic Abuse is a major crime in Jersey and we as a community need to work together to ensure no one is suffering, unable to get help. This week is about getting into the communities, talking to people and letting them know who can help and how. It is magnificent that the agencies involved with tackling domestic abuse are on board for this as we recognise that domestic abuse cannot be successfully tackled in isolation.”
The campaign asks the question ‘does that sit right with you?’ and uses messages like ‘he checks my phone all the time’, ‘she has control over my bank accounts’ and ‘I can go out with friends when he says it’s ok.’
Crimestoppers, Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR), Jersey Youth Service, Jersey Women’s Refuge, Jersey Domestic Abuse Support and sexual assault referral centre Dewberry House are also involved in the campaign.
The yellow sofa will be at M&S on King Street 11.30-2.30 every day this week.

If you need support, you can contact: Jersey Women’s Refuge on 0800 7356836, Dewberry House on 888222, Jersey Youth Service on 280500, Jersey Action Against Rape on 482800 or Jersey Domestic Abuse Support on 880505.

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