Dispute Over Toilets At People’s Park

12th July 2018

A Town deputy wants the States to pay for a toilet block at People’s Park.

Richard Rondel says with a new children’s play area, and more public events there, it’s becoming more popular with islanders and schools.

It’s sparked a row over who would pay for people to spend a penny in the park.

“These are urgently and desperately needed. I watch people go there, they’ve got small children and they’re having to go in the woods surrounding nearby. It’s totally unsatisfactory.

“Why should it be for the parish to provide this, where they don’t in other very large parks similiar to this?” – Deputy Rondel

However Infrastructure Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis says this is a parish issue.

“St Helier is not unique in providing such services. Other parishes manage their parks and open spaces and in some cases, provide toilets.

“The scale is different for St Helier, but so is the amount of rates the parish receives. If additional toilet facilities are required, I believe it should be provided, managed and funded by the parish.”

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