Crowdfunding Care For Rescued Seals

3rd December 2017

Trevor and Temperence, the Channel Island Seal pups. Image Credit: GSPCA.

A JustGiving page has been set up to help with the treatment of two poorly Channel Island seal pups.
Trevor was rescued in Jersey and is now in intensive care alongside Temperance, who was found in Guernsey.
They are both getting round the clock care after suffering several injuries including pneumonia.
Giving us an update on their condition, Steve Byrne said: “Both pups continue on rehydration fluid feed and are under heat lamps and intensive care at the GSPCA.”
“Geoff George who is the main carer of marine mammals at the GSPCA is heading up their care and both have seen the vet and are on a number of treatments including antibiotics, wormers and we continue to do all we can for them as they are still very weak.
“Both seal pups are severely emaciated, dehydrated and suffering from slight pneumonia with a number of other injuries.”
To aid in their recovery, the GSPCA has set up a crowd-funding page to allow islanders to donate to their care and treatment:

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