Condor’s Passenger Etiquette Tips

12th June 2018

‘Be mindful with your mouthful’, ‘keep your feet grounded‘ and ‘smell swell’.

They are just some of the new rules Condor has introduced in its new ‘Travel Etiquette Guide’.

The ferry operator says it has produced the guide ‘to create a more enjoyable experience for those travelling on all forms of public transport’.

The ten rules aim to discourage passengers from shouting, loud singing, swearing and drunken behaviour on board.

But the guide also wants people to take care of body odour, keep feet off the seats and not chew loudly.

Image Credit: Condor Ferries

Condor Ferries CEO, Paul Luxon, says the guide provides a “common-sense approach” to travelling on board, but equally applies to bus, train or plane journeys as some passengers’ behaviour impacts on those around them:

“We have not developed our Guide to take the fun out of travelling, quite the contrary. We want to encourage a positive experience on our ships for all passengers. For many, travelling with Condor is the start of a well-earned summer holiday so we want to help ensure everyone has an enjoyable journey as soon as they step aboard any of our ferries.”

“We hope our Guide will play a useful role in creating a harmonious environment, not just on our ferries, but on other forms of public transport too.”

Image Credit: Condor Ferries.


A recent survey by One Poll listed the top ten travel annoyances as:

drunken behaviour
body odour
people on mobile phones
loud eating
feet on seats
very personal conversations
Public Displays of Affection
loud laughter

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