Co-Op Blames Condor For Empty Shelves

22nd November 2017

Signs have been placed on empty shelves in the Co-op Grand Marché

Signs have been placed on empty shelves in the Co-op Grand Marché in St Helier, blaming the lack of produce on “unforseen technical issues with Condor”.
Deliveries of supplies to Jersey businesses are being affected by the continued cancellation of freight ship the Goodwill, which will now not be back in action until Thursday evening.
Following delays on Tuesday, on Wednesday morning it was announced that the day’s scheduled sailings had been axed.
A subsequent statement said: “Checks on Commodore Goodwill’s starboard engine turbocharger have identified more extensive damage than first known and therefore tonight’s [Wednesday’s] service is regrettably cancelled.
“Goodwill is currently alongside in Southampton where there is berth availability in order for the repairs to be effected.
“Commodore Clipper is being prioritised for freight shipments and this process is in place with our freight teams in consultation with our customers.”

An empty shelf in the Co-op Grand Marché on Wednesday afternoon

A spokesperson for Waitrose has since told Channel 103: “We continue to work hard to ensure we maintain our levels of stock for customers and are awaiting an update from Condor to establish if a contingency plan is needed.”  
The ferry firm says Wednesday night’s Clipper – which is a passenger vessel – is carrying 68 trailers of freight.
At maximum capacity, the Goodwill can carry 86 trailers.

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