Clinton Inquest: Parish Sets Out New Safety Measures

1st December 2017
The Parish of St Helier will make changes to the road layout where Clinton Pringle was hit by a van last summer.
Officials have told the three year old’s inquest that safety measures will be introduced to prevent further tragedies.
The Town Hall hadn’t previously spoken publicly since Clinton’s death.
But an inquest on Thursday has been told about planned new safety measures.
A new zebra crossing with flashing studs could be set up between the park and the cut through from Belmont Road, which is the route Clinton took towards the Millennium Town Park.
New speed humps will be put on Tunnell Street and Robin Place, and Parish officials want permission from Infrastructure to cut down bushes on the railings between those two roads to improve visibility.
The Town Hall will also improve signage on St Saviour’s Road, lay down tactile paving around the park and complete speed surveys.
Michael and Stacey Pringle say they are pleased to note the parish are now taking the issue of pedestrian safety seriously, but they say it all comes too late for Clinton.

The part of Tunnell Street where Clinton was fatally struck

Earlier, Michael Pringle had told Channel 103 he was disappointed by the scope of the inquest, and that driver Rebekah Le Gal – who was convicted of causing death by careless driving – has not been called to give evidence.

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