Clinton: Accused Not Guilty Of Death By Dangerous Driving

19th June 2017

Clinton Pringle died last summer


Rebekah Le Gal has been found not guilty of causing Clinton Pringle’s death by dangerous driving.
She will be sentenced next month for the less serious offence of causing death by careless driving.
Mrs Le Gal had admitted hitting 3 year old Clinton on Tunnell Street on 27th June last year. He died 3 days later in Southampton Hospital of ‘catastrophic’ injuries.
The 39 year old had also admitted texting at the wheel shortly before the collision, but she said sending the message had no bearing on what happened.
Following a six day trial at Jersey’s Royal Court, Jurats have cleared Mrs Le Gal of causing Clinton’s death by driving dangerously.
Summing up, the Judge Commissioner Julian Clyde-Smith said the way Mrs Le Gal drove must fall far below that expected of a competent driver   “Objectively the words ‘far below’  are the difference between careless and dangerous driving.”
He directed the Jurats to look at all the evidence and said the Prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant used her phone and this caused her to collide with Clinton.
Jurats Liston and Ronge reached a verdict in less than two hours.
Rebekah Le Gal has been bailed to return to court on 27th July to be sentenced for causing death by careless driving.

Clinton’s parents, Michael and Stacey, give a statement outside court

After the verdict, Clinton Pringle’s family gave this emotional statement outside court:

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