Clean Up Branchage Cuttings!

20th June 2018


All landowners in Jersey are being asked to make sure they clean up the mess from doing their branchage.

From next week parish Constables will be checking hedges, trees and banks have been trimmed, and that all cuttings have been removed.

If they’re not, there is a £100 fine which doubles if the requested work still isn’t done within a fixed time.

Constable Deidre Mezbourian is warning islanders not to risk it:

“We don’t really want to penalise them. But having said that, they did say recently that there does seem to be less (branchage) being undertaken, and that’s potentially because there has been no penalties imposed. I would say to all landowners, if you don’t cut your branchage you are liable to a financial penalty.”

The Constables Committee says that cuttings left on roads and pavements end up blocking drains and causing flooding in heavy rain, and also pose a safety risk to road-users.

When is your parish Branchage inspection?

ST SAVIOUR Tuesday 26 June
ST PETER Thursday 28 June
ST CLEMENT Friday 29 June
ST HELIER Friday 29 June
ST LAWRENCE Friday 29 June
ST MARTIN Thursday 5 July
ST MARY Thursday 5 July
ST OUEN Thursday 5 July
GROUVILLE Friday 6 July
TRINITY Friday 6 July
ST JOHN Thursday 12 July
ST BRELADE Friday 13 July

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