Circus Performer Taken To Hospital After Fall

15th May 2018
A circus performer was taken to hospital after falling during a show in Guernsey.
During the opening night of Gandey’s Circus run in the Channel Islands, 23-year-old acrobat Howie fell out of a giant spinning wheel during the performance.
Vicki Bennalick captured the moment he fell:

Incredibly, the Colombian circus performer didn’t suffer any broken bones or serious injuries and is hoping to perform again this afternoon if allowed by doctors at Guernsey’s Princess Elizabeth Hospital.
Organisers say as it’s a live performance, there’s always a risk that something can go wrong but thankfully Howie is resting and recovering.
The circus ticket office was shut down this morning after being inundated with calls from Guernsey residents asking about the incident.
Gandey’s Circus is due to perform a run of shows in Jersey from the Thursday 24th- Monday 28th May 2018.

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