Cat Shot ‘Deliberately’ With Pellet Gun

20th November 2017

Snug is now recovering at home. Picture Credit: New Era Veterinary Hospital Facebook.

A Jersey vet says it’s ‘extremely worrying’ to find a cat that was shot at deliberately with a pellet gun.
Snug was brought in to New Era after being hit in the leg, although the vet says it may have been aimed at his chest.
He has had operation to remove the pellet and is set to make a full recovery.
Peter Haworth treated Snug and he hopes the culprit is found.
“It is the first cat, certainly in the last 10 years, that has been deliberately shot at. I think the risk is still very low and hopefully who ever has done this can be grassed up. The other possibility is that they will be so worried about the fact it has become a story, that they won’t want to do the same thing again.”

Credit: New Era Veterinary Hospital

It was originally thought that the large wound on his right arm was due to a cat bite, but an x-ray revealed the actual reason behind his injuries.
The metal pellet had shattered his radius into three, which was repaired with a metal plate and five screws.
Peter Haworth says he is dismayed that someone would do this.
“It is not something that we generally see over here, I know in the UK it is something that happens more frequently. I think it is the first one we have seen in quite a few years.
“Unfortunately there are some very strange people out there.”
Snug has now returned home to continue her recovery and police have been informed.

Credit: New Era Veterinary Hospital

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