Cat Revived Following Hob Fire

28th November 2017
A cat has been rescued and revived from a home in St Clement following a kitchen fire.
It was sparked by a washing basket left on top of an electric hob, which was accidentally turned on.
Fire crews were called to the property just after 4pm on Monday.
Flames had spread to voids in the ceiling above the bathroom and hallway.
Firefighters rescued a cat and revived the pet using an animal oxygen mask.
Watch Commander McGrath said: “This highlights the need to keep a cooker hob clear from all unnecessary objects such as plastic bags, boxes etc as the unknown accidental turning on of the hob can have devastating consequences”.

Credit: JFRS

A few hours earlier, Jersey Fire and Rescue had been dealing with a blaze in the kitchen on the Mandarin Chinese Restaurant on Gloucester Street- caused by unattended cooking.
It has spread to the extractor ducting and was moving through the floors above, where there are apartments.
Three fire engines and seventeen firefighters – including five on-call personnel, and an Aerial Ladder Platform were involved in tackling the blaze.
The platform was used to get access to the roof so firefighters could douse the fire from the exit of the extractor shaft.

Credit: JFRS


A man in his 50s who had tried to put out the fire himself was taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation.
The road was closed for several hours.
JRFS said: “The person who required hospital treatment had attempted ‘unsuccessfully’ to fight the fire, however they used the wrong equipment which ultimately put themselves at risk and only accelerated the fire spread.”
“We would like to remind everyone that if they are faced with a significant fire in the kitchen that they only attempt to extinguish it themselves if they are confident, trained to do so and have the correct firefighting equipment, the best option is to Get out, Get the fire service out and Stay out”. Thankfully no one was seriously injured in this incident, but clearly the property has been significantly damaged and will not be open for some time.”
The day continued to be busy one for JFRS, as torrential downpours caused flooding in several parts of Jersey during the evening rush hour.
Crews were called to pump rainwater from properties at the bottom of Beaumont Hill.
One property was severely damaged.
There were further call-outs to deal with standing water at Grands Vaux, St Peter and St Lawrence.
JFRS said:”It is difficult to predict the weather and what may result from severe rainfall, but if you do live in an area that might be affected by flooding consider getting any equipment that could help prevent or deal with flooding such as; Sand bags, Small pumps, wooden boards to block entrances, and regularly check the drainage systems that could affect your immediate area, a simple thing such as clearing the drain from leaves on the surface could make all the difference.”
Jersey Met says 24.2mm of rainfall was recorded at Maison St Louis Observatory.  That’s the equivalent of a quarter of the normal amount of rain for November falling on the island in just 14 hours.

Credit: Paul Aked

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