Care Inquiry Website Suspended

10th August 2018

The Jersey Care Inquiry’s website has been taken offline, amid fears that some of the archived documents could have exposed confidential information. was suspended to prevent any personal information being published accidentally.

Mark Egan, the States Greffier, says there were some “inconsistencies” in the way archived records were being redacted.

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry’s website has been pulled offline.

In line with the new Data Protection laws, the possible breach has been reported to the island’s Information Commissioner. The Inquiry Panel and senior Ministers have also been informed.

A government statement says there’s no evidence of an actual breach of personal data, and pulling the website is just a precaution.

Mr Egan hopes the content will be catalogued and republished by the end of next year:

“In cataloguing the online archive of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, Jersey Archive has identified inconsistencies in the redaction of the original published material which in some instances could potentially lead to a breach of data protection. As data controller for the material, I have therefore instructed that the website is taken offline while the information is catalogued and those inconsistencies are rectified.

“I am reporting this matter to the Information Commissioner, and I have informed the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Panel, the Minister for Children and Housing and the Chief Minister.

“There is no evidence that any actual breach of data protection has occurred. The temporary suspension of the website is a precautionary measure that will enable Jersey Archive to assure the data confidentiality of all published material from the Care Inquiry.”

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