Busy Year For Jersey’s Ambulance Crew

8th August 2018

Jersey’s Ambulance Service has had one of its busiest years to date.

It received more than 9,000 calls in 2017 – that’s 25 every day.

There were 300 more 999 calls requesting an ambulance last year than the year before – the highest number in at least 5 years.

Demand is expected to rise further because of the ageing population.

Chief Ambulance Office Peter Gavey says the type of callout is also changing.

“We’re receiving calls now from people for more complex healthcare needs. People that may start to struggle at home that require more intervention to look after them. We’re seeing crews spending a little bit longer on scene managing these patients.”

98% of life threatening cases were reached within 19 minutes.

68% were got to within 8 minutes – slightly below the UK’s average of 75%.

The Ambulance service says it’s finding new ways of working to address the rising demand – including a Hear and Treat service aimed at offering advice where calls don’t require paramedics to attend.

Chief Officer Peter Gavey says he’s satisfied with response times – despite them being below the national standard.

“The roads are small, traffic on the road is quite high and many of the calls that are out of response are in the outlying areas where it’s not cost-effective to put crews that far out.

“We’ve put crews at Bel Royal and at Five Oaks to try and reduce the time it takes us to get out to calls in the east, north and west of the island, Often those far-out island calls will change the figures.”

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