Budget 2018 Day 2: Parish Rates Decision Made

29th November 2017
The long-running dispute over the States paying rates on its properties has finally reached a conclusion.
During the second day of debate in the States Assembly on the 2018 Budget, members have approved a Simon Crowcroft amendment demanding parish rates bills are settled next year.
It was accepted by 40 votes to 2.

The Constable of St Helier, Simon Crowcroft

A late change from the Constables Committee also means the States will have to pay the island-wide rate too – meaning a total yearly sum of almost £1.9m.
St Helier will be the biggest beneficiary, because it is home to the majority of government buildings.
Ratepayers could see a small reduction in their bills as a result, and/or improvements to their parish made with the additional cash.
Elsewhere today, plans from Reform Jersey to radically change the island’s tax system was defeated.

Deputy Sam Mézec

Reform Chairman Deputy Sam Mezec wanted to charge the public up to 25% tax with existing allowances, except for ‘high value residents’.
He claimed it could raise £6m towards university tuition fees, but his bid was rejected by 34 votes to 10.
We should know tomorrow if Senator Alan MacLean’s proposal to introduce a 20% retail tax on large retailers in the island is approved.
The Treasury Minister says it would affect shops earning a profit over £500,000 – and would raise £5.5m a year.

Senator Alan Maclean, the Treasury Minister, speaking in the States Assembly

Senator Philip Ozouf’s plea to half the rate to 10% was rejected yesterday.
It gets back underway in the States Assembly from 9:30am tomorrow (30th November).

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