Is This Britain’s Best Games Room?

12th October 2017
A Jerseyman is in with a shout of officially having the best games room in Britain.
Jamie Moore has spent thousands of pounds building an ‘arcade shack’ in his back garden.
It has 7 pinball machines, a driving game and 3 arcade games.
It has taken five years, and some help from his dad.
“It was a great bonding experience – if you take out the shouting and swearing at each other! I love playing and restoring pinballs and arcades and hope to share the love by starting a local pinball league.”
Jamie is in the running for a £3,000 prize in the Home Leisure competition.
10 finalists will be chosen and their rooms put to a public vote.
“That would be the icing on the cake, being Games Room of the Year. But another reason I entered (the competition) was to get the word out that there are people like me, we do enjoy it, it is a hobby and if other people would like to join in or get involved that would be really good.”

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