Bigger Minimum Wage Rise Defeated

1st December 2017
An attempt for bigger and quicker rises in Jersey’s minimum wage has been defeated.
Reform had been pushing for the rate to rise to £7.88 an hour from next April, rather than the proposed £7.50.
The party was also asking for better targets – demanding it reach 60% of average earnings by 2020.
Deputy Sam Mezec says the island’s taking too long to make sure people have enough to live on:
“This will make a tangible difference to thousands and thousands of the people we represent, whose lives we should be trying to make more enjoyable, better, good for our economy. In the grand scheme of things, this is absolute no-brainer as far as I am concerned.”
The proposals were voted down, on the same day that Guernsey agreed their lowest paid workers should get £7.75 an hour from January.

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