Bailiff Referendum Thrown Out

11th July 2018


There won’t be a referendum on the future role of the Bailiff in Jersey’s States after all.

Politicians decided last November to allow the public to choose whether he should be replaced as President of the island’s parliament by an elected speaker.

The new Assembly did agree a date of 17th October.

They opted for Wednesday, rather than Saturday 20th – which had been suggested as way of improving voter turnout.

But in a final vote, they scrapped the idea altogether.

The overall proposition was lost by 20 votes in favour to 26 against.

Senator Sam Mezec was one of those opposed to it:

“It is, I think, actually going to irritate the public that we’ll have shown a lack of leadership by not dealing with this issue. By putting it to them, at a cost to them, when I think the vast majority of them have got far more important things to be getting on with. They want to see this Assembly talk about things that will make their life easier.n This is a side show, a distraction. The island has got nothing to gain from it whatsoever.”

The estimated cost of holding a referendum was £70,000.

It’s now expected the issue of the States replacing the Bailiff with an elected speaker will come back to the Assembly for further debate at a later date.

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