Apology To Landowners After £4m Claim

10th July 2018

An apology has been offered to owners of land the States wants for the new Les Quennevais school.

It was claimed by the previous Infrastructure Minister that Mr and Mrs Carrel demanded £4million for their fields.

However the new Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis says that wasn’t the case and that he hopes to reach an amicable conclusion with the couple.

The States has agreed to a compulsory purchase order should talks break down.

Education Minister Senator Tracey Vallois says this can only be of benefit for the schoolchildren.

“This is a backstop so we do not incur further costs and further delays for our children and future of our children, in terms of their education development.”

Infrastructure Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis says he’s still hopeful an agreement can be reached so a compulsory purchase order isn’t needed.

“Talks are going on as we speak. An offer has been made by myself today, which I hope will be accepted by the landowners. It’s a very, very fair offer.”

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