Amendments Pour In As Budget Debate Nears

21st November 2017
With just a week to go until States Members vote on next year’s Budget, a number of amendments have so far been suggested by backbench politicians.
John Le Maistre, the Constable of Grouville, wants Vehicle Emissions Duty – which is aimed at encouraging drivers to buy less polluting cars – to rise by 5%, rather than the proposed 2.5% increase.
He also wants to raise an additional £2.2 million by lowering the CO2 band limits within which drivers are charged the duty.
Elsewhere, Reform Party Chairman Deputy Sam Mézec wants to abolish the ’20 means 20′ regime, starting from 2019, so the island’s highest earners can be taxed at 25%.
He says the extra revenue should go towards subsidising university tuition fees for island students, and claims the move would mean a tax cut for those currently paying up to 19%.
Meanwhile, Former Treasury Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf, has suggested a number of changes to his successor’s proposals.
These include reducing islanders’ duty free cigarette and tobacco allowance, charging bookmakers 10% corporation tax, and making large alcohol companies pay the proposed ‘retail tax’ – which he wants set at 10% rather than 20%.
Among his five amendments, there is also a call for the Treasury Minister, Senator Alan Maclean, to raise awareness of – and do something about – the fact many islanders are charged VAT when using online services such as eBay, the Apple Store and Spotify.
States Members will begin to debate the 2018 Budget on Tuesday 28 November.

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