Alcohol Main Reason For Probation Referrals

20th March 2017

The Probation Service is based behind the Magistrate’s Court. Credit: Jersey Probation & Aftercare Service Facebook

Misuse of alcohol remains the single largest factor behind referrals to Jersey’s probation service, its annual report has revealed.

The service – which is a department of the Royal Court – aims to protect the public and reduce re-offending.

It says the main contributory factors to offending have “remained consistent over many years”, with alcohol involved in 42% of referrals in 2016.

Aggression, emotional instability and drugs were the next most common reasons, although the report stresses that there can be more than one contributory factor present in each case.

Contributory Factors To Offending in 2016:

Alcohol – 42%

Aggression/Authority – 31%

Emotional Instability – 27%

Drugs – 25%

Offenders completed more than 18,000 hours of community service for charities and non-profit organisations last year, and 74% of probationers successfully completed their orders.

The report also reveals that the service cost around £2 million in 2016 – equivalent to around £19 per islander.

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