£449,000 Investment To Establish ‘IoT’ Testbed

28th November 2017
The island’s digital sector is set to receive a boost of nearly £450,000,
The States is giving the funding to Digital Jersey  to establish the island as an ‘internet of things’ test-bed.
The money will be used to set up a lab dedicated to developing products for the ‘internet of things’.
If you’ve not heard the phrase before, it’s the collective term for the ecosystem of internet-connected devices like ‘smart’ light bulbs and WiFi-connected home appliances.
Internet of Things
Digital Jersey will also use the money to encourage further development in the island’s growing digital industry.
Tony Moretta, their CEO says “We are delighted to be given the go-ahead to create a facility that will offer a focal point for businesses to turn ideas into commercial ventures. The IoT Lab will also encourage academic and industry collaboration on applied research and development, which is a crucial advantage to establishing the centre.”
It is hoped the investment will help position the island as a leader for digital businesses.

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