2018 Budget: Senator’s Amendments Defeated

28th November 2017
A number of amendments suggested by backbench politicians have been voted on, as discussions on the 2018 Budget started in the States Assembly today.
Many of those came from former Treasury Minister Senator Philip Ozouf.
He was asking for large Jersey retailers earning over £500,000 to be taxed at 10% instead of the proposed 20%.
Senator Alan MacLean says setting the retail tax at 20% will raise around £5.5m a year.
Despite a 10% rate having the backing of  of the Jersey Retail Association and the Chamber of Commerce, Senator Philip Ozouf’s amendment was defeated by 29 votes to 14.

Senator Philip Ozouf

Three other amendments suggested by Senator Ozouf were also rejected, which were:
  • Reducing duty free cigarette allowances from 200 to 40.
  • Charging bookmakers and liquor vendors 10% Corporation Tax.
  • Introducing a stamp duty rate for residential properties worth £10m sold to new arrivals in the island.
States members did pass one change that will boost the coffers further.
Grouville Constable John Le Maistre won support to double the tax rise on more polluting cars  to 5% instead of the proposed 2.5%.  The move will raise an £2m.

Constable John Le Maistre of Grouville

The long-running dispute on the States paying parish rates will be among the other topics discussed on day two of the 2018 Budget from 9:30am tomorrow (29th November).

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