1/7 School Absences Due To Family Holidays

21st April 2017


Around 1/7 of absences from Jersey’s schools last year were due to family holidays, the Education Department has revealed.

A report released today says there was a 95% attendance rate in the island throughout the 2015/2016 academic year.

When pupils were absent, 60% of the time it was due to illness.

Family holidays accounted for 14.2% of absences, while medical and dental appointments (5.9%) and study leave (7.1%) were the next most common reasons.


The report reveals that 9% of absences were ‘unauthorised’ – when pupils don’t have permission to miss school, or when they arrive more than half an hour late.

An Education Department spokesperson says: “We have far less unauthorised absence in Jersey than England, where it is three times higher.”

Compared with English primary schools, fewer island pupils under the age of 11 were persistently absent.

But in academic Year 11, the persistent absentee rate in Jersey is higher than on the mainland.

The spokesperson says this is due to the proportion of classes missed as a result of exam study leave – a practice which takes place here, but doesn’t tend to in the UK.

The full report is available here

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